Nicole Shea
Content Strategist and Social Video Expert
Nicole Shea is the co-creator and executive producer of Takei's Take, a Webby Award winning web series hosted by George Takei. She is also the executive producer of The Cheap Life with Jeff Yeager and co-creator of the web series, The Best of Everything with Barbara Hannah Grufferman. Nicole works on social video strategy and branded content for AARP. She had a background in story development, short form documentary and photo editing. She believes passionately in creating authentic user-focussed content, utilizing YouTube as an integrated social platform for brands to connect and engage with their audience, and in the power of collaboration and influencer marketing. Before moving into social video, Nicole served as the photo director for AARP Bulletin, a monthly news publication with a 22+ million circulation. She began her career in story development and visual media at National Geographic magazine and also launched the Getty Images Grants for Editorial Photographers program.
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